For Our Daughters works to end sexist homicide and violence against women – and to commemorate those who have died.

Between three and four women and girls die each week as a result of male violence, of which two are killed by partners and ex-partners. Although this is a higher annual death rate than existed during the years of Northern Ireland conflict and exceeds troop loss in Iraq and Afghanistan, no government has yet made safety for women and girls a political and financial priority.

The Government’s ambition is nothing less than ending all forms of violence against women and girls.

RT Hon. Theresa May MP, Prime Minister and former Home Secretary

We welcome the government’s acknowledgement that women and girls form the majority of victims of sexual and domestic violence, and applaud Theresa May’s statement but we see few signs that the leaders of the three main UK political parties intend to make achievement of this aim a priority – despite concerns about family breakdown and annual costs of the violence being estimated at more than £40 billion in England and Wales alone.

For Our Daughters:
  • commemorates women and girls who have lost their lives – and children who have died with them
  • works to raise public and media awareness and change attitudes.
For Our Daughters works to persuade the Government to:
  • make reduction of sexist homicide and violence a real political priority
  • accept that because violence against women and girls is so often rooted in contempt for women, all such violence should be separately monitored as potential sexist crime.
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