from Jean Calder

Karen Ingala Smith, who works for a London-based domestic and sexual violence charity, has a blog in which she regularly lists the names of women who have died through suspected male violence.

Karen often locates names that we do not know and so we are in awe of and very grateful for her work. We hope she may be able to advise us.

Many deaths never reach the national media and are only recorded in local newspapers. We are very conscious that we should be monitoring all police websites and all local press, but currently, as a volunteer-based organisation, we do not have the resources.

We appeal for volunteers to do some of this work, overseeing local media reports of:
a. suspected homicides, suspicious deaths or disappearances of women and children and b. violent sexual and other assaults which could have led to death. Volunteers would need to concentrate on an agreed police area (preferably though not necessarily an area they know well) and significant local newspapers within it. Ideally, because the material is harrowing, they would work in small groups keeping in touch with other women.

If anyone reading this would like to help, please contact us at:

In the meanwhile, please read Karen Ingala Smith’s excellent blog and follow her on twitter.