Died 6th November 2014

Cerys Yemm (22) from Blackwood was murdered on 6th November 2014 at the Sirhowy Arms Hotel, Argoed, Caerphilly, South Wales.

Ms Yemm was killed by Matthew Williams (34). Security staff at the hotel reportedly found her terribly injured and cannibalised with the killer eating her face.

After the police were called Williams was tasered and died while under arrest. Ms Yemm was later pronounced dead.

Ms Yemm was a popular young woman, a well known shopworker who worked at Next.

It seems she had met Williams in a pub hours before her death where he was heard to offer to get her a taxi home. Williams had been released from prison two weeks earlier after serving less than half of a 5 year sentence for attacking his former partner,
Emma Thomas.

He was it seems not subject to any probation service monitoring, despite the fact his former parter lived close by and could have been at risk.

He had a reputation for violence and there were reports he may have been high on drugs.

Ms Thomas said: “He made my life hell. I’ve had nothing to do with him since we broke up more than two years ago. It is a terrible shock and I’m very sad that this has happened.”

The Sirhowy Arms Hotel is a halfway house for ex-offenders.

Note: This report was drawn from reports in the Daily Mail and the BBC.

FOD Comment:

Ms Yemm’s terrible death is not being investigated by the IPCC, despite the fact that Williams was an unsupervised violent offender and known to be a danger to women. In addition, it seems a single female police officer was sent to this extraordinarily violent incident.

Williams death in police custody is however under investigation by the IPCC.

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