Died 15th December 2013.

Glennis Brierley (64) was found dead at her house in Calf Hey, Shore Road in Littleborough, Greater Manchester on 15th December 2013. She had been stabbed to death by her son with a kitchen knife. She suffered wounds to her neck and chest.

On 12th August 2014, at Manchester Crown Court, Matthew Brierley (45) admitted manslaughter due to diminished responsibility. He was detained under a hospital order.

Ms Brierley was a psychotherapist. Senior investigating officer Duncan Thorpe said of her that she was a “very popular and respected member of her local community”. He added “Her death continues to be keenly felt, not just by her family and friends, but also the people of Littleborough,”.

Brierley is reported to have a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and to have experienced delusions, thinking his parents were members of a satanic paedophile conspiracy. He killed her just two days after he had moved back to her home.

The court heard police went to the property after Brierley called 999 from a phone box and said: “I just murdered somebody”. Brierley said: “I just went for her… I watched myself stab her. Part of me believed you could murder somebody and it would be justified.”

Police said during his interview, Brierley said he confronted his mother over a missing lamp and attacked her after she said she thought he was delusional.

A forensic psychologist told the court Brierley was “largely blameless for his actions because of his disease”.

The case was first investigated by Superintendant Chris Hankinson who, after Ms Brierley’s death, said: “This woman has been murdered in her own home and our focus is on ensuring justice is done and the perpetrator is brought to justice.

Note: This report was drawn from reports in the BBC and the Daily Mirror.

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