Died 30th January 2016

India Chipchase (20) was murdered in Northampton on 30th January 2016. She was strangled to death and had been raped. She was found to have sixty injuries on her body.

Ms Chipchase was a popular young woman and worked as a barmaid. She was described as a “vibrant” young woman with great potential.

In August 2016, Edward Tenniswood (52) was convicted of her murder.

On the evening before her death, Ms Chipchase was in a distressed state and became very inebriated at a nightclub. She was heard to repeatedly tell a bouncer: “I just want to go home.” She was put into a taxi by security, but got out when she was asked to pay the fare in advance. As she leaned against a wall, a witness heard Tenniswood say “we’ll make sure we’ll get you home in a taxi, safely”. He took her to his own house.

In court, he insulted her by suggesting she had consented to strangulation and had even suggested it. The jury did not believe him.

The court also heard from another woman who reported being pinned to a wall by Tenniswood, who held her by the throat and tried to kiss her.

Note: This report was drawn from reports in the Times and Daily Telegraph.

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