Died 29th June 2014

Luan Leigh (42) was found dead after police were called to her home in Woodlands Farm Road, Pype Hayes, Birmingham on Sunday 29th June 2014. Her two children were also attacked allegedly in their beds. Her fifteen-year-old son had suffered a stab injury to his chest and her nine-year-old daughter strangulation-type injuries.

Andrew Leigh (42), Ms Leigh’s estranged husband, who lives in Sutton Coldfield and from whom she separated some 18 months ago, is being questioned about the murder and attempted murders.

The children are recovering in hospital.

Investigating officer Detective Inspector Paul Joyce said: “It’s understood that both children were attacked in their sleep; the boy suffered a punctured lung and the girl has a badly bruised neck but thankfully both are expected to make a full recovery. A man has been arrested and, at this stage, we’re not looking for anyone else in connection with this investigation. Enquiries are on-going with neighbours and friends of the family and I’d urge anyone who believes they have information that could aid our enquiry to contact us immediately.”

A local newspaper reported that weeks before her death, Ms Leigh had posted a message on her Facebook page which read: “The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your children.”

A neighbour described Ms Leigh and her children as ‘‘a lovely family and perfect neighbours’’ saying “This is shocking what’s happened”.

Resident John McColgan said the couple’s nine-year-old daughter had an “infectious laugh” and once wrote a ‘get well soon’ letter to him when he came out of hospital. He said: “The little girl, when I went into hospital a few years ago, came round with a letter saying I hope you’re alright. They’re a very private family but she’s one of those little girls where if she was laughing in the garden playing outside you ended up laughing with her. She’s a lovely little girl.”

Other neighbours spoke of their shock at the tragedy and said Ms Leigh appeared to have remained on good terms with her estranged husband since the separation. One said “Even though he lived away, he was always round there.”

Leigh is reported to hold a senior position at Network Rail. An unnamed neighbour is reported to have said that about 18 months ago Ms Leigh told her husband she “wanted ‘some space’ and he moved out to a rented flat in Sutton Coldfield”.

Note: This report was drawn from a report in the Birmingham Mail.

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