Died 19th March 2016

Paige Doherty (15), a schoolgirl from Clydebank, Scotland died on 19th March 2016. Her body was found in woodlands on the Great Western Road on 21st March 2016.

In September 2016, at the High Court in Glasgow, John Leathem (32) admitted her murder.

Paige had more than 140 injuries and been stabbed 61 times, including 43 wounds to her head and neck, and 85 further cuts – many of them described as “defensive in nature”.

Paige, who was described by police as “vibrant” and “bright”, was last seen on the morning of Saturday 19th March at a Clydebank shop, the Delicious Deli, owned by Leathem. She had gone into the delicatessen to buy a roll before travelling to a hairdressers where she worked in Kirkintilloch.

Judge Lady Rae said: “This was a savage, frenzied attack on a child.”

The court heard a number of victim impact statements from Paige’s family. Her mother Pamela Munro revealed she continues to suffer “sleeplessness and nightmares”. Prosecutor Mr McSporran said: “She describes waking to hear her daughter’s screams and the awful realisation that she was not there to help her.” Her husband Andrew Munro, Paige’s step-father, was said to be “living in a state of depression”. The advocate depute added: “They cannot get out of their minds the terror they believe Paige must have experienced as the attack upon her began.”

Following the hearing, Detective Superintendent Duncan Sloan, who led the inquiry, said CCTV footage had been “vital”. He said “I am sure that the sheer weight of this evidence has led to the guilty plea at court today.” He added: “Our thoughts remain with Paige’s family, whose vibrant, bright young daughter has been cruelly taken away from them at just 15 years of age. Paige’s whole future lay ahead of her and her life has been brutally cut short by the vicious actions of one man.”

Note: This report was based on a report on the BBC.

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