Died 9th May 2014

Tamara Holboll (67) was found dead  with multiple stab wounds following a fire at her ground floor home in Lawford Road in Kentish Town, north London, early on Friday 9th May 2014. A post mortem confirmed the cause of death was multiple stab wounds.

Ms Holboll’s son, Peter Holboll (44) of Tottenham Street, west London, has been charged with her murder and with arson.

London Fire Brigade said three women, a man and a baby from separate flats on the first and second floors of the building were rescued after they managed to escape to the roof.

Police believe Holboll had been staying at the property for the past month. There have been reports of mental illness. An ambulance took a man to hospital from the address earlier that day. A London Ambulance spokesperson said they had been called to “reports of a person unwell” at 2.45pm and treated a man at the scene before taking him to hospital.

Detective Chief Inspector Russell Taylor, of the Metropolitan Police Homicide and Major Crime Command, said officers were looking at the history and what contact there may have been with police in the run up to the murder.

Before Holboll was apprehended DCI Taylor said: “I need to locate him. I don’t want people to approach him and put themselves at risk. Mental health is one of the things we are looking into, we are engaging with our partners and agencies to build up as full a picture as we can for Peter. We are very concerned for him and for the public.”

A neighbour said of Holboll “He was a troubled guy, she had a lot of trouble with him. He had serious mental issues and they were due to visit the Crisis Centre nearby on Leighton Road. He was living in some kind of sheltered accommodation near Tottenham Court Road but he’d always sit on the doorstep chain smoking one cigarette after another.
He would never say hello, and always looked unkempt with scruffy hair.”

Dr Zara Jay, a clinical psychologist who used to live above Ms Hoboll, said: “I heard from a neighbour that there had been an episode before I moved in in 2004. An ambulance and police had been called to the flat, something had happened in there that had a mental health flavour to it, but I didn’t know if it was for him or for her. He kept himself to himself, you would occasionally get a grunt from him in the corridor when you came and went and happened to bump into him. He’d usually be smoking a cigarette on the doorstep.”

Note: This report was drawn from reports in the London Evening Standard, BBC and Daily Mail.

FOD Comment: We are yet to find any details about Tamara Holboll’s life other than that she was a “pensioner” and mother to Peter Holboll. We note that DCI Taylor has said he was “concerned” for “Peter” and the public. Regrettably, we can as yet find no expressions of regret at the tragic loss of Ms Holboll’s life. Media focus has as usual been on the alleged perpetrator not the victim.

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