Died 26th September 2013

Tolu Kalejaiye (44), an accountant, was stabbed to death on 26th September 2013 in her home in Wickford, Essex.

Her son Emmanuel Kalejaiye (21) went on trial in April 2014 accused of her murder. He denied murder, but admitted manslaughter.

The alleged attack happened as Ms Kalejaiye left to go to work. She suffered more than 40 stab wounds to her head, face, neck and upper limbs. Two main arteries were severed in the left side of her neck and she died from massive blood loss.

Chelmsford crown court heard it was a “meticulously” planned killing. Police uncovered notes setting out plans and the floor had been covered in cardboard and bin bags. Prosecutors say Kalejaiye also bought knives, rubber gloves and made a mask from a beanie hat.

The court was told he planned to impersonate Ms Kalejaiye after the killing to give him time to get rid of the body. The court heard he bought women’s clothing from Primark.

It was alleged Kalejaiye wore a woman’s outfit and high heels to masquerade as Ms Kalejaiye as he moved her Mercedes car to deceive neighbours into thinking she had left for work.

The prosecution allege the plan failed because Ms Kalejaiye secretly phoned a friend, Leo Shogunle, during the attack. The call, which went to voicemail, but was later heard by Mr Shogunle, was played in court. The four minute voicemail including Ms Kalejaiye’s screams and cries. It visibly upset jurors as it was played. Ms Kalejaiye was heard to shout: “Don’t stab me, don’t stab me, you’re a demon.”

Prosecutor Andrew Jackson told the jury: “What that marked was the last moments of her life at the hands of her eldest son.”

Ms Kalejaiye, originally from Nigeria, had been an agency employee at Camden Council for six months. She raised her sons as a single parent after her marriage ended in 2003.

Kalejaiye told police his victim abused him and “brainwashed” him with religion. He later claimed a gang forced him to stab his mother.

Note: This report was drawn from reports in the Daily Mirror, the Daily Mail and the Ham & High.

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